ICB & L opened its doors in 1989 to serve the business community. Its main goal was to assist and facilitate importers and exporters with filling forms for customs clearance. This goal is not only true today but has also been expanded to customs consultation, assistance with other governmental agencies in relations to imports, exports and also logistics.

In today’s conglomerate and ever changing global market, a customhouse broker has now become a useful necessity, in order to make proper and gainful decisions. With so many international and national trade agreements being signed, traders must always be conversant in order to stay competetive.
At ICB & L, we work hand in hand with customs and other governmental agencies towards a single goal, to facilitate trade. As customhouse brokers, we serve as the bridge between the business community and customs. We are efficient in the electronic submission of customs clearance and well-versed in the laws and by-laws of importation and exportation.

“Bridging the gap between traders and Customs.”